1-to-1 Beginners Workshop: With Luke Whitaker

17 February 2017 - 19 August 2021
Meet At The Bosham Gallery HALF DAY £150 | FULL DAY £250
This is the ideal workshop for the beginner looking to understand the basics of photography and how to use their camera. Today's digital cameras are so advanced it can feel like you're holding a computer on a string, with a bewildering number of settings that are overwhelming to the beginner. I will simplify everything and show you how to set up the camera to make a good landscape photograph.
Workshops typically cover the basics of colour, light and composition and we'll also look at depth of field and exposure. I will explain all of your camera's settings and teach you how to approach different subjects and lighting conditions. My goal is to get you to a point where you feel confident with your equipment and have the creative freedom to head out and explore the creek on your own.
There is no set schedule as the day will be completely tailored to suit you, taking into account your existing knowledge, interests, and fitness level. We typically meet for coffee in the Bosham Gallery at 9:30am when I will give you an introduction to landscape photography by the sea, and can establish your experience and what equipment you are using. We will set off on foot around the Bosham creek and I will guide you to the best spots for photography that take into consideration the state of the day's tide and prevailing weather, pointing out opportunities to help expand your photographic vision and get you seeing more creatively. 
I will provide you with my Photography Guide To Bosham which will give you the top 5 locations to investigate, along with a series of small creative projects to return to and explore in your own time. 
Half a day's tuition is 4 hours finishing at 1.30pm and a full day's tuition is 8 hours. The prices allow for up to 2 people to attend and full payment is required at the time of your booking. 
If you would like to book a full day's tuition to really kick-start your photography I find that beginners who do two half-days with an overnight stay in-between make the most progress, because it allows time for you to digest the information. Bosham looks completely different depending on the state of the tide, so doing two half-days is a good opportunity to photograph the creek at high tide on one day and return the following day to photograph at low tide.
The weather at the coast is very changeable and it is very rare that we get a complete washout. In the unlikely event that the weather is too bad to go ahead a full refund will be given if an alternative day cannot be scheduled.
Please contact the gallery to book a convenient date before making your payment below.