1-to-1 Intermediate Workshop: With Luke Whitaker

20 February 2017 - 25 September 2020
Meet At The Bosham Gallery HALF DAY £200 | FULL DAY £300
The Bosham Creek is ideally suited to workshops as photographers can walk around the whole channel in 20 minutes and easily study the light from every conceivable angle. Our intermediate workshop is aimed at photographers who already know the basics of photography and are looking to produce more creative results.
Have you ever been out with a group and thought 'Why didn't I see that?' Well not anymore. This workshop is all about broadening your photographic vision so that you can spot more of the creative opportunities before you.
As we set off on foot around the creek to photograph the historic waterfront we will address the fundamental question concerning composition. Is the strongest composition a square, a portrait, a 3x2 or even a panoramic? I will guide you to one or two locations where the answer varies depending on the state of the tide and prevailing weather, and you will have the opportunity to try new techniques. Through a series of short exercises to challenge your creative thinking I will get you looking at things slightly differently, doing things you haven't tried before, and occasionally taking you out of your comfort zone. We will also discuss a myriad of other factors that influence composition, such as lens choice, focal length, the arrangement of objects within the frame and the relationships between them, so that you can begin to design a strong composition with balance and harmony. 
Lighting will be discussed in detail, focusing on the strength of light and how it falls on your main subject to reveal shape and form; it's colour temperature and how that influences the mood of your photograph. I will teach you how to respond to the changing light, prevailing wind and state of the tide at the coast, and I will also demonstrate how to react to more challenging lighting conditions so that you know how to tackle tricky contrast ratios. By the end of the day you will feel more confident about making the most of the available light when the decisive moment presents itself, and you should expect to finish with a memory card full of photographs to be proud of. 
Come in the summer to photograph the classic day boat racing and Bosham's historic buildings; the ancient church with it's wooden Saxon spire forms an attractive feature in many landscape photographs, surrounded by poplars and yews, past which the little stream runs gently on it's way towards the old mill and the Quay. In winter the village is all dreamy and quiet, and the creek is a buzz of wildlife hidden amongst rolling mist and sea fog. Every autumn the village welcome the return of the Brent geese after they complete their epic 2,500 mile migration from Siberia, returning to the same fields overlooking the water so they can feed on the seagrass at low tide.
There is no set schedule as the day will be completely tailored to suit you, taking into account your existing knowledge, interests, and fitness level. Trips can start at sunrise, end at sunset or run during the normal hours of the day, it's up to you. We typically meet for morning coffee in the Bosham Gallery at 9.30am to discuss the strongest locations for landscape photography on the day, and then set off on foot around the Bosham Creek to the Gosport side. We may drive to Chidham to photograph Bosham from the west to include the backdrop of the South Downs.
A half day workshop consists of 4 hours tuition and a full day consists of 8 hours tuition with breaks for refreshments and lunch (not included in the cost) built into the day. The prices are for up to 2 people to attend and please ring the gallery to book a convenient date before paying below.
Should you need help with the post-production, printing or framing of your photographs, please contact the gallery for details of our 'Getting Into Print' workshop.