1-to-1 Advanced Workshop: With Luke Whitaker

20 February 2017 - 19 August 2022
Meet At The Bosham Gallery HALF DAY £250 | FULL DAY £300
This is the ultimate photography learning experience guaranteed to stretch you creatively and take your photography to a new level. The purpose of this workshop is to develop a portfolio of pro-level photographs to help you to generate your first sales, with the ultimate goal of producing a solo exhibition of your work and securing full gallery representation.
There is no set schedule as the workshop will be completely tailored to suit you. I will ask you to submit 8 of your photographs for me to review before we meet and we typically begin in the gallery with a critique over morning coffee (you may bring prints on the day if you prefer). We will discuss how important planning and previsualisation are to the success of your photographs and we will consider a myriad of factors at the coast that will have a profound influence on the design of your photograph - the strength and direction of light, the height of the tide, the wind speed, the arrangement of boats within the water, the backdrop to your main subject, as well as executional considerations such as camera height, focal length and lens choice - all to illustrate how meticulous planning can bring to reality the photographs you have carefully designed and previsualised. 
We will head out to a variety of locations within Chichester Harbour, perhaps to some of the lesser known beauty spots; we may head up on to the South Downs and there is an opportunity to go out on the water too departing from Chichester Marina if you wish (boat hire not included in cost).
The emphasis in the field will be to create the photograph 'in-camera' so that you don't have to rely on lengthy post-production work in Adobe Photoshop.
I typically cover advanced techniques, for example complex lighting conditions that might require the use of filters, or more demanding compositional considerations such as parallax errors that can arise when stitching a long panoramic photograph together if the lens is not rotated around the nodal point. 
We will look at how to get the very best performance out of your camera to give your images that extra wow factor and I will supply a range of Lee filters and lenses for you to experiment with on the day.
In the gallery we will discuss the business of selling, and I will explain why a strong narrative and context to your work is so pivotal to elevating your profile in order to secure gallery representation and generate sales. I will advise on how best to present your work and artist identity to the market and we can discuss anything from the point of capture right through to the post-production of the photograph, the printing, editioning, framing and presentation of the final piece to a gallery for sale. 
If you are preparing a body of work for an exhibition please bring it with you and I can assist with the design, layout and pricing and how to present it for display and/or sale.
I will explain why making the prints yourself personally will be such an important factor in determining your success and you will find it interesting to compare yours to some of the artists that we represent here in the Bosham Gallery.
Luke Whitaker personally represents some of the world's best-selling photographers and acts as a business mentor to many more aspiring to emulate their success, periodically critiquing their work, advising on buying trends, framing, pricing, and helping them to increase their sales. He has developed a keen eye for what sells and why and is available to meet in the Bosham Gallery, your own studio or for meetings via Skype.