Fragile: Valda Bailey

3 June - 30 July 2017

The exhibition showcases Valda Bailey's enduring fascination with fragility in the landscape and the illusions present when contrasting elements are juxtaposed.


She says:  "I am fascinated by all manner of contrasts and contradictions and the work in this project is an attempt to reconcile some of the conflicting aspects that are of interest to me in the landscape. In much the same way as a colour will appear most luminous when placed next to a non-colour, i.e grey, or its opposing colour in the colour wheel, so it is in nature.


The images here are an investigation into how the most fragile elements seem to have their very existence challenged and their vulnerability magnified when set against the strength and solidity of their surroundings. Fragility can be conveyed in many ways. It can be expressed with light or shape or colour or movement and I hope this diversity is represented here. Paradoxically, fragile elements often appear to embody a tenacity and strength which refers back to the contradictions mentioned above. It is the embodiment of all these characteristics that I have tried to portray.
I am driven by an exploration of colour and form.  Studied perfection is not my goal  This landscape is chaotic and disordered and I have no wish to seek out an unblemished version of it. I am more concerned with portraying an interpretation than a literal representation of what I see before me and my objective is to create multi-layered images that depict the subtleties of the landscape around us."  Valda Bailey