This Is My Truth | Charlie Waite

2 - 30 June 2018

The Bosham Gallery presents This Is My Truth, an exhibition of Charlie Waite's all-time favourite photographs, printed for the very first time in large format, along with new work from 2017-18.


"The word truth is important to me because I need to have parity between my human experience in a landscape and my emotional response when I look at the finished print."  Charlie Waite


"The engagement with large prints can be really very profound. It's much more of an immersive experience; we are talking about deep inward feelings rather than an intellectual response. Ultimately the success of a photograph can be judged by whether the print evokes in the viewer the same emotional response that the artist experienced out in the field when they captured the moment. A large print can stimulate emotions in the viewer that a smaller print sometimes struggles to achieve.  Printing in large format is now an exciting reality which has for the first time enabled an incredibly detailed rendering of Waite's best work, allowing the audience to get ever closer to his 'truth'."
Luke Whitaker, Curator