London | Henri Cartier-Bresson: BY APPOINTMENT

14 October - 16 December 2020

This exhibition showcases 16 rare prints made by French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1953, showing aspects of daily life on the streets of London including rush hour on The Strand outside Charing Cross Station, children playing on the swings in London's parks, supporters making their way to an England-Scotland football match, schoolgirls visiting St. Paul's Cathedral, festival goers on the busy escalators at Piccadilly Circus, and Londoners in various other contexts including Hampton Court and the Festival of Britain.


"Henri Cartier-Bresson was arguably the most significant photographer of the twentieth century. He was the prime mover in the revolution that elevated the medium of photography from a scientific curiosity to the level of art. He largely created the natural, observational style that came to govern photojournalism, although few of his pictures are concerned with journalistic events in the traditional sense. Many of his finest pictures have been made not on assignment, but out of an amateur's fascination with the world about him, which is of course true of most important photographers. A photographer's best work is, alas, generally done for himself. He is revered by other artists, and half a dozen of his photographs will remain benchmarks." Luke Whitaker


Please book an appointment to see the exhibition by clicking the link below to use our online booking calendar. Entry is £15 for a 30 minute tour with Luke Whitaker and includes a voucher for afternoon tea with cake in Shoreside Cafe, adjacent to the gallery.