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7 March - 22 April 2022

"Valda Bailey boldly confronts the rollercoaster of emotions that we can all relate to within hazy memories of our own experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, and shares her own intimate journey in a series of poignantly titled expressionist works full of thought-provoking depth and untold stories."  Luke Whitaker



Exhibition Events In Bosham Gallery

Valda Bailey At Work | Hand-Finishing Wax Prints

16 March 2022 | 2-4pm

19 April 2022 | 2-4pm


"Everything we took for granted - the unremarkable ordinariness of our daily quotidian - is suddenly shot to pieces by an unseen invader. Life is turned upside down. The thinly veiled illusion that we are in control of our lives falls away and in its place we are left to contemplate the precarious nature of our existence.


The enforced confinement is swift and brings with it its own set of conundrums. For many creative souls, the isolation is not bothersome. We are used to working alone. However, there can be no more the easy reliance on visiting beautiful places in search of inspiration. Ideas need to be generated from within.


And so the work on show reflects my emotions and sentiments during a year or more of turbulence and uncertainty. The images are visually diverse but I recognise a common thread - the unrelenting passage of time. Precious, irreversible time.


My fascination continues to be the juxtaposition of shape and colour and their arrangement within the frame. Colour as metaphor. Colour as emotion. Colour perception and the influence of Josef Albers. How small changes in hue and luminance can reveal hidden elements within a composition. The making of an image is, for me, akin to telling a story. I begin without a real sense of where I am going, but let the creative impulse lead me where it will.


The images are collaged together, mainly in camera. And collage came to be a very important concept for me as we started to rebuild our lives. Re-construct and re-assemble that which was torn apart. At the time of writing, life is almost back on an even keel, but still, we tread warily.


I hesitate to constrain myself with labels but if pushed I would say that photographic expressionism is the best way to describe what I am trying to achieve, Inspirations come from early 20th century art when traditional concepts were challenged and conventions turned upside down.


The decision about whether or not to title one's work is a personal one. We must all decide where we lie on the continuum between no title at all and convoluted, incomprehensible psychobabble. Because I am not inclined to explain my images I try to hint at what they mean to me with the titles I offer. A subtle allusion. Exploration not explanation."  Valda Bailey