Finding Your Own Creative Space | Margaret Soraya

Artist Talk | Saturday 30th November 2019 | 3-5pm | Details Here

Join us at the Bosham for afternoon tea surrounded by Margaret Soraya's Quiet exhibition hanging on the walls whilst Margaret gives a talk about the secret to finding solitude.


Margaret Soraya has visited the Scottish Hebrides again and again in search of solitude. As you walk around her 2019 Quiet exhibition soaking up the untouched beauty of the island's rugged coastline and endless white sandy beaches, one can't help but wonder how to cultivate the same peacefulness and state of inner richness that she has discovered in Scotland. This will be the subject of Margaret's talk - come and listen to the story of how she built a life she loves, and leave feeling inspired to find your own creative space and time of solitude. Sit back, listen to Margaret's story, watch movies and slideshows of her work that will delight and calm your senses. 


Soraya has built a thriving photography business in Scotland inspired by a life she loves. Hear the story of how she pursues her dream of photographing wild and remote places alongside a busy wedding and commercial photography business. Get practical tips on how you can make time for your own passion in life. Margaret believes in finding your own creativity and personal space and is now inspired to help others find their own element - the space where they feel happiest and most alive. She will share how she created her dream life, travelling solo through the Scottish Islands, with wild swimming and stand up paddling part of her life; in a way that fits perfectly with her introvert personality.


Book your place for afternoon tea and hear Margaret's story that will leave you inspired to pursue your dreams.  



October 15, 2019