Yi Sun Catalogue

Earth's Healing Scars
Yi Sun Catalogue: Earth's Healing Scars
Publisher: Bosham Gallery
Dimensions: 220x220mm
Pages: 48
£ 10.00

Yi Sun's 'Earth's Healing Scars' series discusses the global climate crisis and focuses primarily on areas of the world most adversely affected by extreme weather events and global warming. Sun's work references humanity's over-use of the planet's natural resources, and exposes environmental damage caused by some of today's highest CO2 emitting western economies. 


In this series Sun is directly questioning our moral conscience and calling for us to become 'Global Citizens' - to think globally but to act locally. He wants us to focus on people in the developing world affected by global warming and extreme weather events, and to change our lifestyles so that collectively we can hit our target of reduced CO2 emissions.


"The way that climate change is being reported has led to desensitisation and inaction. Changing habits built up over a lifetime is very difficult but it can be done if we work together. My hope is for this new collection to be shown in galleries that will inspire real change within local communities."  Yi Sun


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