Reviews From Our Collectors & Photographers

"I was fortunate enough to have had an afternoon’s photography workshop with Luke Whitaker from the Bosham Gallery in late July. I’ve had a digital SLR camera for a while but was always a ‘point and press’ photographer, never knowing how to use the camera properly. The afternoon with Luke was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a very long time. His patience and ability to explain the different functions put me at ease and I came away with some excellent tips and knowledge on how to use my camera properly. He educated me, not only on some of the key features, but how to also set up a photo, how to look at light and layers and how to look at the photos taken and how to adjust small elements to improve on them. I’d highly recommend Luke without hesitation to anyone who’s looking to build their confidence with their photography and feel proud of the photos they’ve taken."  Rob Atherton, August 2021



"Luke, it was great to meet up with you again last Thursday for the 1/2 day photography lesson, the ideal retirement present! Really enjoyed spending the afternoon learning the basic principles of good photography and composition. You never fully understand how little you know until it is pointed out! Bosham is the ideal backdrop for trying out the techniques around portraits, landscapes / seascapes, focus, light etc. I never realised how much capability existed in my expensive iPhone 12 Pro! I will continue to practice what you patiently shared with me and hopefully be able to share and surprise you with some of the output. Take care and good luck with the business as we re-emerge from lockdown."   Patrick Kiely, August 2021



"WHAT an awesome day. On so many levels. Thank you Luke. Been singing your praises (& your wife’s) all evening! Such a great day!"  Francesca Leaver, July 2019
"Just a brief note on behalf of Rob and me to thank Luke for an excellently educational and entertaining workshop last Friday. Rob and I were very encouraged by the perceptive questions which Luke asked us at the start to assess our expertise and interests and by the way that he later referred to these as we walked around the harbour. We both feel that we have come away with lots of tips and improved techniques for both iPhone and DSLR and we’re already putting these into practice. Thanks again for a wonderful day."  Hugh Shanks, July 2019 



 "Thanks for your efforts in getting my prints made and beautifully framed. They look stunning and I am really pleased so a big thank you."  Nick Oakley, March 2019



"My day with Luke, which followed an amazing workshop he led with Charlie Waite a few months earlier was the next step to take my photography from mere interest to something more professional. Luke has a way of challenging you, making you think deeper about what you are doing, how you see things and your direction. I always feel utterly exhausted after a day with him but also amazed at how much I've learnt. Luke is quietly firm, challenging and determined that you get all you need during the day. A big thank you Luke."  Martin Stones, March 2019

"I had a two-hour print Critique with Luke, time and money well spent, very informative and I left with plenty to think about.  Luke covered all aspects of my prints, from composition, colour balance, size of print, type of printing paper to use, and mounting and framing the prints.  We also covered what type of image sells and the print format to use..."   Jim Hellier, February 2019
"Thank you so much for your time, wise words and inspiration today.  I found it very enjoyable; I learned a lot and moreover, am motivated to pursue my interests further in Bosham.  It was just what I needed to prevent me sliding into the abyss of inactivity!"  Janet Lovekin, January 2019
"They say that pictures speak louder than words, and that's certainly true of the collection of old photographs that Luke Whitaker has restored at the Bosham Gallery. They bring to life Bosham and the harbour scene alongside the Quay and Raptackle between 1880 and 1950. They are, quite simply, stunningly beautiful. The fishermen mending their nets, the young girls in their Sunday best on Regatta Day, all the old working vessels that traded and fished and unloaded their catch on the Quay, or dried their nets in the Raptackle; the Bosham punts, the oyster boats and gun punts, the schooners, the barges and the Solent ketches alongside the Quay. These very special old photographs bring history alive. It is a remarkable collection beautifully presented and I congratulate Luke on it."  Sir Jeremy Thomas, January 2019
"I booked this tour with Light & Land but was apprehensive about it. I needn't have worried. This is by far the best photography workshop that I have attended. It was unique in that we were taken from the point of taking to the photograph to exhibiting and selling it. The clue is in the name - it is a two day all inclusive intensive workshop. Luke was full of suggestions and ideas. He did not sugar-coat his words and I really appreciated it. Woolly feedback never helps with growth. The postcard idea from Luke was fantastic. I plan to put it into action this Christmas. Luke took us through the business aspect of photography. This is very important as, at the very least, most of us want the photos to pay for the photography and even food on the table. The idea was to take a photographer and churn out an artist. Charlie, on the other hand, spoke about the art. He critiqued our photos and helped us grow. His talk about marketing when planning an exhibition was brilliant. He took us through assessing a scene and arriving at a piece or art that has both artistic and commercial value was brilliant and very much needed. I must add that this workshop may not be useful for a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of photography. It is telling that I took 30 pages of notes in 2 days, which is a lot lot more than I have taken in a medical conference lasting 4 days. A course thoroughly enjoyed, appreciated and recommended."  Alind Srivastava, October 2018
"Thanks again for an excellent couple of days in Bosham. It's been just the leg-up I've been looking for and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I truly appreciated the wealth of experience shared with us in Bosham last week and the kind, delicate and respectful critiques you provided us. I'm certain each and everyone of us came away far richer for the experience. My imagination and confidence has certainly been sparked. I could not imagine a combo better than Charlie Waite and Luke Whitaker for this 2 day course. The perfect pairing opened our eyes and convincingly started our journey into being artists and not mere photographers. The course covered many areas, many of which were enlightening if not revelationary. Step by step we walked through defining ourselves as artists and landing on our style, the art market and trends, the use of an artist statement, supporting text for images and so on. Many practical areas were covered - such as curration, framing, pricing, approaching galleries, legal agreements, the selling process, meet the artist events and the list goes on. Luke, being not only Charlie's agent but the owner of Bosham Gallery had a wealth of experience and knowledge that would not be given so freely by others. Charlie, well, I need not say much here. A master of his art, warm, friendly and sincere. In addition to all of the above, Luke helped plan our next steps to ensure we had clear goals before leaving and Charlie gave a critique of our portfolio images. What a great opportunity! The review was in a group environment, not as scary as it sounds! But there was an option to review one to one if preferred. For me the review helped my confidence and gave a couple of specifics to work with. Group feedback also helped understand my strongest portfolio images - not always easy when you're personally invested and have spent too long looking at the same images! On the last afternoon Charlie took us for a walk around Bosham harbour and gave us a fascinating insight into how he reviews a scene and the many considerations - including how the image and format changes by moving around the harbour (e.g. moves from being a thin panoramic to something more traditional as you move from the side to front on). I've covered a lot here but now need to get back to reviewing the many pages of notes...and getting on with my plans! If you're thinking about taking your art to it's full realisation - this is it. You won't regret it. My thanks to Luke & Charlie." Matt Goddard, October 2018
"This workshop exceeded my expectations. Charlie Waite and Luke Whitaker are a great double act, with Luke giving us nitty gritty advice on selling our work, and Charlie providing technical guidance on both setting up a shot, and post processing to achieve the best results. Apart from their generosity in sharing their expertise, they clearly wanted us to succeed in producing our best work and getting it sold. The rest of the group were lovely, and the accommodation perfect. I will definitely be doing more Light & Land workshops, and would strongly recommend the Bosham workshop for any photographer interested in selling their work."  Francesca Diebschlag, October 2018
"I can't begin to tell you how valuable I found the two days.  I was pretty exhausted but loved it, so a big thank to you and Charlie Waite.  It's also a great relief to know that my photography is on the right course."  Martin Stones, October 2018
"Luke thank you for a very insightful couple of days. The course was well thought out and instructive. It was a great pleasure to meet you and together with Charlie Waite you are a great double act! Thank you for outlining the next steps, all noted and to be done! Many congratulations on the success of your gallery and all the work you are doing there. I wish you continuing success, with many thanks." Christine Adams, October 2018 
"Luke I just want to say a personal thank you for the incredible past two days training you provided me. I knew it would be great and it still exceeded my expectations. The workshop was well structured and filled with knowledge and dark magic! Your affectionate personality played such an important part and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to my photography colleagues."  Yi Sun, October 2018
"The Exhibiting and Selling workshop was one of the most valuable couple of days I invested in last year. With a few short months to go before my first solo exhibition on the Isle of Harris, both Luke Whitaker and Charlie Waite openly shared so much of their experience in this field which was fascinating and a steep learning curve. Their experience is invaluable and the detail that the workshop went into down to the decisions on mouldings and papers was exactly what was needed for me. Luke and Charlie are very encouraging in their manner and the workshop will show you exactly how possible it is to both exhibit your work and sell it. This all combined with a very helpful and interesting critique session with Charlie and a one-to-one with Luke meant that in a couple of days I gained a wealth of knowledge in a short space of time. The decisions I made as a result of the workshop led to a very successful exhibition of my seascapes which was a very proud moment in my career as well as a turning point in confidence."  Margaret Soraya, October 2018
"Please can you pass on my sincere thanks to Luke for the amazing session today.  I feel that I learnt a great deal about my camera and also about composition.  I am looking forward to putting the theory into practice.  I will definitely be booking another session."  Julie Dennett, October 2018 (Beginners 1-to-1)
"I very much enjoyed learning about photography in Luke's beginners one to one class.  I quickly came to realise that taking as many photos as possible in the hope of getting a decent one is futile - yet another  example of the triumph of hope over experience . Luke very clearly explained some key issues which underlined the need to: work within a camera's limitations; to plan;  to be  patient; to adapt and be aware.  He demonstrated how waiting maybe ten minutes for light or cloud or perhaps tide can make all the difference to the end result.  Luke is a very intelligent man with the gift of communication. He is most encouraging and takes pains to make his students feel at ease. I would thoroughly recommend him."
Anthony Howe, October 2018 (Beginners 1-to-1)
"What an amazing coffee morning!  The weather couldn't have been kinder, your physical help was wonderful, and people just kept streaming through the Gallery. The result was astounding - souvenirs made £410 and there were £108 in donations which is the most we have ever had! Thank you for your amazing help and support - I have a real glow about how well it all went and what fun it was. Please give my best wishes to Sally for her help behind the scenes.  You are a terrific team. It was a new venture for the RNLI but one we certainly would love to add to our calendar of annual events."   Rona Musker, RNLI Souvenirs Secretary

"Definitely a highly enjoyable, instructive and indeed enlightening four hours which simply whizzed by.......a brilliant Birthday present.  Now the challenge is to put the guidance given into much better composed photographs. More thinking; less snapping. Bravo and many, many thanks Luke."  Bruce Garrett, September 2018 (Intermediate 1-to-1)



"I found this morning quite an eye opener. I began to appreciate with your guidance that having a clever camera is so much less important than composition and imagination. Luke has a happy way of explaining some of the techniques of good photography and how to realise, in the photograph, what the eye saw and wants to remember. Now for some practice with the sea and landscapes on our doorstep. Many thanks for a most enjoyable morning."  Simon Veysey, September 2018 (Intermedaite 1-to-1)



"On behalf of the Flag Officers and Members of Bosham Sailing Club I thank you for the gift of a lovely and historic photograph which is the very evocation of Bosham and much admired by all our Members who have seen it. I look forward to other opportunities for BSC to collaborate with the Bosham Gallery."  Frank McCormack, Commodore, Bosham Sailing Club



"Thank you, Luke, for a delightful and informative afternoon.  You were (over)generous about the 'snaps' I brought with me, and very gentle in suggesting ways of improving my photography.  You gave me full attention - not even bringing your own camera with you - and helped me think about my picture-taking in a new way.  I found myself thinking: 'What would Luke say?' each time I pressed the shutter during the rest of my stay in Bosham, knowing that, whatever you might have said (or thought!), it would have been kind and constructive."  Paul Cuthbert, September 2018
"Please thank Luke for an excellent workshop.  The best feedback I can give is that, unlike many workshops I have attended, Luke did not take his own pictures.  Luke is also very encouraging, gave excellent feedback on my previous work and took the time to understand my requirements.  I therefore felt that I quickly developed a rapport with Luke.  This combination definitely enabled him to successfully deliver what I needed and give me a vision for where I want to take my photography in the future.  Please also thank Luke for the pictures he took of me during the workshop. A nice reminder."
David Slaughter, August 2018
"Framed print looks great, thank you. Fascinating project, congratulations!"
Tony Carwardine, August 2018  (Past On Glass: Vintage Photographs of Chichester Harbour)
" will find Luke's courses enjoyable and thoughtful, from beginning to end.  
I have just taken the 1-2-1 Print Critique, followed by the two-day 1-2-1 Exhibiting & Selling tutorial, and happy to recommend to both.  There is great value in having the combination of your photography and yourself being critiqued by a professional with experience, who actually has to sell to the public and collectors through his own gallery.   It is invaluable to have the opportunity and time to ask of that experience. The course presentation is very interactive and well-paced, including case studies, and I particularly appreciated the exercises requiring deeper reflection on your own photography, production, and yourself within it.  There is the feeling that the following weeks and months will allow you to absorb and act on those new ideas that you have just learnt.  A chance too to walk with Luke around the foreshores and inlets of Bosham allows a break to take in the location's best light, tides, seasons, and views.  For those at a time needing great insight into their photography, you are well advised to consider one of Luke's courses and his help towards your vision."
Angus Haywood, August 2018



"I was very fortunate to attend a 1-2-1 workshop with Luke Whitaker in his Bosham Gallery. 

What an eye opener into how to prepare your artwork for gallery representation. His enthusiasm, passion and wealth of knowledge is exceptional.  I was at a crossroads with my photographic journey, but with a lot of critique and direction, I now know which steps to take and which path to follow if I am to succeed.  Luke is so passionate to share his wealth of knowledge with you it is a delight to hear him speak.  Bosham is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days with great food and locals.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to a drinks reception at the Gallery showcasing historic photographs of Bosham and to hear an inspirational address from Luke himself."  Lorraine Finney, August 2018


"I worked with Luke for a couple of months in the lead up to my first solo exhibition in Scotland. From start to finish the experience and knowledge that Luke openly shared with me and the solid advice he gave along the way was invaluable. I can honestly say that this was the best investment in my work and development this year. Luke guided me along the way from print choice to framing assistance all the way through to branding, wording and presentation as a whole. His knowledge is second to none but he also has a lovely manner in his communication. I want to thank you for everything and highly recommend anyone facing the same process, gets in touch with Luke!"  Margaret Saroya, July 2018



"I was lucky enough to spend the most excellent morning with Luke at Bosham to go through my basic photographic knowledge. Having partaken in a few weekend group classes in London (from complete beginner to now), this was a wonderfully different experience; not just because I was lucky enough to have 1-2-1, nor because his knowledge is immense, which it is, but because he has the empathy, generosity and enthusiasm to pass on so much of his skill. This is so rare to find in a teacher, in any sphere, and is what separates the excellent from the average. I left Bosham feeling utterly inspired and with a plan in place for the next stage of learning and for a potential future in an art I love. Luke followed this all up with an outlined email expressing the way forward and offering an incredibly rare opportunity to learn the business and technical side of photography as well as the creative. I know I will look back one day and be grateful for accidentally discovering him!"  Jess Prentice, May 2018



"I am delighted to be represented by the excellent Bosham Gallery, who provide first-class representation. The owner and curator of the gallery is Luke Whitaker who is very passionate about photography and supportive of the arts. Bosham is a very classy area and I have been delighted to see strong sales of my work."  Charlie Waite, May 2018

"The Bosham Gallery is in such an idyllic location, it really was  a pleasure to have my work exhibited there. Many thanks go to Luke Whitaker, whose enthusiasm is second to none. Being a talented photographer himself, I knew his passion for the art would make a great place to showcase my work."  Tommy Clarke, May 2018
"What an enjoyable day in beautiful Bosham my friend and I had with Luke Whitaker. He gave us loads of useful tips and opened up our minds to new ways of approaching location photography. Helpful and patient, he took time to make sure that the day was tailored to our needs. In particular, his critique of our results on the day was especially valuable. We signed up for some photographic "therapy" and certainly got it."  Elaine McLaren, Melanie Kaveh, May 2018



"Your beautiful photograph, Misty Morning, is now hanging in pride of place and all are delighted with it. It is much admired. Very many thanks."  Frances Fawcett, May 2018



"THANK YOU! The 1-2-1 workshop was great, extremely useful and I enjoyed chatting with you. I learn't a perfect amount, some of which I'm already putting into practice."  Mike Preston, May 2018 



"This was my first workshop with Light and Land and I was extremely pleased with the whole day. I enjoyed the opportunity to spend a short session at the beginning where Luke shared some of his photographs and took us through the format for the day. The opportunity to walk around the area with an experienced and local photographer made a big difference - highlighting good areas for photographs and also explaining how the light would work during the day. I felt I learned a lot about just looking around me and taking time to think about the image I wanted to capture and not feel that I just had to keep snapping away. There were a few of us in the workshop but Luke was very approachable and made sure he paid attention to all of us. Lovely people, lovely day."  Debbie McGlashan, April 2018



"Luke and his team at the Bosham Gallery scanned 4000 photographs from our archive. I have now uploaded them to our computer. They saved my life, were most efficient, and we thought reasonable. Thank you so much for your time, they are brilliant!" John & Anne-Marie Hill, April 2018



"This was the best workshop I've ever been on."

Graham Devenish ARPS, March 2018

(Exhibiting & Selling Landscape Images workshop)



"It was great to meet you today and to see your lovely gallery. Both the coffee and croissant were a delicious start to the morning. You speak clearly and the advice you gave makes perfect sense, especially with the practical walk-around to see the situation."  Peter Kilmister, March 2018  (1:1 Print Critique)



"Just to say how much I enjoyed the day we spent in Bosham under your guidance. The course was well presented and thought out.  I enjoyed your company and will certainly look out for your name on other Light & Land courses."  Ken Wilkie, March 2018 . (Beautiful Bosham workshop)



"Luke and Charlie: Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. You have been so generous sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us all.  I've learned a huge amount and had a lot of fun. Thank you everyone for making it such a great experience."
Anne Henry, March 2018



" was a terrific workshop, not least for the breadth and depth of insight into the business end of presenting and selling photographs. It has given me lots to think about and a very clear direction of what I need to work on in order to get all my ducks in a row and hopefully make it in the world of photography! So a big thank you to both Luke and Charlie for their enthusiasm."  Nick Oakley, March 2018



"I have learned so much over the last few months, and this is largely thanks to Luke's knowledge and enthusiasm - and his belief in me as a photographer. Not just about the photographs themselves, but also about the process of selecting images for sale, editing for print, framing and editioning - the whole sales process in fact. I have also benefited enormously from Luke's review of my portfolio and his insight into 'what sells'. I'm excited to see what is around the next corner, and where my emerging photographic career might take me next. Thank you Luke!"  Gill Prince, March 2018  (1:1 Print Critique)



"Luke has the eye of a hawk at spotting distractions that should have been removed and at suggesting other improvements such as tighter crops and areas that should be lightened or darkened.  Sessions with Luke are an extremely enjoyable process and I would highly recommend them.  Be prepared to take the critique. You are not there to be flattered. He does know what he's talking about though. You don't get to represent Charlie Waite unless you do, to say nothing of the fact he's a pretty mean photographer in his own right!"  Dr Edward A Hyde ARPS, March 2018 (1:1 Print Critique)



"Reviewing photos along with the various framing and paper choices with Luke is time very well spent. His knowledge and experience provides an important and objective perspective.  The gallery is in a beautiful location and provides the perfect atmosphere to take it all in."

Peter Geraerts, February 2018



"Just to say thank you so much for the last two days. It was not only informative but also thoroughly inspiring, and I really appreciate your encouragement and your enthusiasm for what I am trying to do!"  Gill Prince, January 2018



"This was a truly excellent workshop! It was highly informative, inspiring and challenging, giving me much food for thought and many concrete pointers for action. The commercial perspective from Luke Whitaker, who runs the highly successful Bosham Gallery, and the artistic perspective from landscape photography master Charlie Waite made for a great balance, while their constructive critique, advice and encouragement were extremely helpful. It was a very intensive 2 days and a great deal of material was covered, but it was never too much to cope with as it was very well structured yet flexible enough to accommodate circumstances "on the ground". Bosham was a beautiful location and the Bosham Gallery is wonderful. The Millstream Hotel was a great venue with lovely food and the company was excellent! I am looking forward to putting into practice what I learned at this workshop and I'm sure it will help advance my photography. Highly recommended."

Catherine Illsley, December 2017 (Exhibiting & Selling Landscape Images Workshop)



"Thank you gentlemen for delivering exactly what it said on the tin!  It's not often you can say that about a workshop and I am very grateful.  You were also lovely hosts and delivered the (potentially heartbreaking!) critique in a kind but realistic way.  It was also lovely to be back in beautiful Bosham."  Julia Moffett, November 2017



"This was without doubt, one of the best, most informative workshops I have attended in many years, packed with detailed information (and some uncomfortable truths!) about the business of selling images, and what is required of the photographer to make progress in the crowded image industry.  Luke's detailed programme leaves nothing to chance and explores all the facets of what it takes to penetrate a saturated market...not just the theories, but illustrated with real examples of successful images and photographic artists.  I can recommend this workshop without reservation.  If you get the chance, do it!" 
Ian Moore, November 2017 (Exihibiting & Selling Landscape Images Workshop)



"What terrific sales! I wish you could see my face - I am beaming from ear to ear. No, further than that. Award yourself a virtual hug. I am thrilled. Beyond thrilled. I mean truly. Thank you. What a top team! Thank you for having such faith in me, I couldn't be more delighted with the exhibition."   Valda Bailey, July 2017



"You provided me with the very best platform and gallery I could have wished for. Professional, classy and forgetting the images, the care you put into making it all such a giant success was absolutely wonderful; there are not enough superlatives to describe how impressed I was. The whole thing - your hospitality to everyone who came into the gallery with your warm welcome was all just lovely. You ran a class act! So immense gratitude to you all and I can't wait for the next one. Cheerio for now and one more time...thank you both so much."  Charlie Waite, May 2017



"Huge thanks for hosting us yesterday evening. Absolutely amazing pictures. So interesting to hear Charlie speak...The catalogue has such lovely images...Charlie has such creative vision. Huge talent. Thank you, too,  for the wine and tasty canapés. A really enjoyable visit to your gallery."  Nita Mitchell-Heggs, April 2017



"Having delivered all of the photographs to The Bosham Gallery a week ago I was very keen to see how Luke had decided to hang them in the intervening 7 days. Walking into the gallery 30 minutes before the Private View last Saturday was an extremely exciting moment. Luke had done a fine job and it was very moving to see 20 years of my best photographs printed, framed and curated as one large body of work. The gallery is absolutely beautiful and a huge thank you to Luke and his wife Sally."  Ben Wood, 2016



"It has been a joy to work with Luke Whitaker at the Bosham Galley. His overriding passion for pictures and infectious enthusiasm means that the exhibitions are successful and inspirational. The gallery is in an excellent location and is a great asset to Bosham".  Steve Bloom, January 2015



"I want to very sincerely express my gratitude to you for all the work and clearly very considerable effort that you have put into my exhibition Silent Exchange. Your attention to detail and care for every aspect will make for a very classy exhibition I am sure. I have been very aware of the numerous emails and long phone calls that have passed between you and my studio connected with the exhibition, so Luke my enormous thanks to you for all this work. I am sure it will pay off and I will do my utmost to ensure that it is a hit."  Charlie Waite, December 2014