Bosham In 1938 By Sir Kenneth Younger

December 22, 2023
Bosham, 1938 by Sir Kenneth Younger
Bosham, 1938 by Sir Kenneth Younger


A fascinating and rare set of photographs of Bosham in 1938, by Sir Kenneth Younger. The newsstand outside the Post Office on the High Street reads 'Eden's Future', a young cricketer is captured rowing up to a car caught out by the high tide, and locals are seen sitting on the wall along the foreshore enjoying the August sunshine, almost exactly one year before the outbreak of World War II. 


All Photographs © Sir Kenneth Younger Estate, All Rights Reserved







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Luke Whitaker


Thanks for keeping in touch. We are no longer able to visit Bosham, age related, but we look with joy at the print of a Misty Morning, Bosham 2012 on aluminium which we purchased from you.
Best regards
John & Nesta Spray
22 December 2023

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